Roger Died, Not Passed Away!

4 Responses to Roger Died, Not Passed Away!

  • Vinny

    In the copmliacetd world we live in, it’s good to find simple solutions.

  • mario molinari

    Roger, you have change and signed the modern music, with best sound. Now, enerytime i’ll listen to The Nighfly (actually the best cd in the world) a special thinking it will be for you. Nobody will forget you. Now you live in your sounds, to the end of the world.

    ciao rogers. always.

    mario molinari

  • Giuseppe

    People like Roger will live forever! Immortal!

  • Chuck

    Roger has been a tremendous influence for me. A Pionneer in so many ways. He helped elevate music ever so much closer to the way it is meant to be heard. Few will walk in his footsteps. Thanks Roger, you are never forgotten.

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